Todd Allcock wrote:
> At 12 Feb 2007 16:57:44 -0800 SMS wrote:
>> TalkLoop and OneSuite are the ones to check out. They are less of a

> pain to use than calling cards, due to their pinless operation (you can
> program in several originating phone numbers that they recognize).
> You might also check out Voicestick. While they're actually a prepaid
> VoIP provider with a free incoming number, they double as a pinless
> calling card. You can setup three numbers (i.e. home, cell, work) that,
> when they call your Voicestick number, instead of ringing it, get a dial
> tone and let you call out using your Voicestick account balance and rates.

Good point. I also use Voicestick's incoming call and forwarding service
for my consulting business. I dropped the second landline, and now all
calls are forwarded to my cell phone, and the caller ID lets me know
that it's a business call. If I'm out of the country, I can forward it
to a number there, as I'll usually be using a prepaid cell phone.

For a while, you could combine unlimited Voicestick ($20) with the $30
Sprint calling plan, plus a $5 Sprint option for unlimited incoming and
outgoing calls to and from your "home" number, and essentially have
unlimited wireless calling for $55 + fees and taxes. You'd use your
Voicestick number as your "home" number (as far as Sprint was
concerned), and give out the Voicestick number as your cellular number,
and have all calls forwarded to your Sprint phone at no cost. For
outgoing, you'd call your Voicestick "Home" number at no cost and get a
dial tone. Alas, Sprint recently worsened their calling plans, and the
$5 option for unlimited calls to and from home also seems to have
disappeared. I guess that this would still work with T-Mobile's and
Alltel's Circle plans.

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