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>Hi I have an unlocked phone and still on the legacy ATTWS charter
>plan. The SIM I'm using is from 2002 and I believe is considered the
>Old kind. I purchased a "newer" style SIM card 2 years ago and was
>wondering if I would notice a difference in service if I called ATT
>and had them change me from one SIM to the other? Is it true that the
>older SIM only allows you to attach to a limited number of ATT/
>Cingular towers or would it make no difference at all.

It would probably make no difference, and probably can't be done in any
event, since I don't think AT&T/Cingular will now activate anything
other than a newer Cingular SIM.

John Navas <http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Cingular_Wireless_FAQ>

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