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    I was wih Sprint and the voie clarity was excellent. With att using the
    motorola vxxx every so often the voice gets fuzzy znd unclear. It that the
    service or am I douing something wrong.

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    Re: Newbie Question

    Scott in SoCal wrote:
    > I currently have a regular (post-paid) cell phone with AT&T. AT&T is
    > currently selling a RAZR "Go Phone" for $129.99. Is it "locked" into
    > being a prepaid phone in any way?


    > In other words, is there anything to
    > stop me from buying this phone, taking out the prepaid SIM, popping in
    > my regular AT&T SIM from my old phone, and using the RAZR as a regular
    > cell phone?


    > Any reason why I can't then pop the prepaid SIM into my
    > old phone and use that one as the "Go Phone?"

    That part may work.

    If you're looking for a low-cost GSM phone you may be better off buying
    a prepaid T-Mobile phone and having it unlocked. That's what I did. But
    it was a lot more than $12.95.

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