Garnet, the Palm OS people, were listening to us suggesting better
operation of the Garnet Virtual Machine for the Nokia N800/810 Linux

It now runs in portrait, full-screen mode and is MUCH easier to see,
especially for us old farts. Palm OS now has a BIG screen!...(c;

Lots of deficiencies and omissions were corrected. Runs like....well, Palm
OS!! I installed some of the 30,000+ apps on it I like to see how
it runs. They all run great.

Thanks, Garnet!...(c;

Sync'd it with Palm Desktop I already had loaded from 3 years ago....Syncs
over LAN at 100Mbps lots faster than old Palm Pilot did over the cable...

Also installed fMSX for fun, today. For some reason it's used in Asia on
little computers. It's MICROSOFT BASIC! A little nostalgia trip back 25
years...(c; Oh, it also runs "Windows 3.5", too.
Don't know what it will do, yet. More toys are better...(c;

10 For I = 1 to 30
20 Print I
30 Next I
40 Print "END RUN"

You never forget....

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