DirecTv never ceases to amaze me.

After A few CSRs insisted to me that they're not allowed to order
you an AM21 until AFTER you have an HR21 installed and activated;
FedEx dropped off one for me today.

Their excuse "We're not allowed because we don't know what model unit
you're being shipped". I kept pointing out "First you KNOW it will be
an HR21", and "Secondly why do you want to allienate a customer by
making them wait an extra week or more after installation to again get
OTA?." I flat don't understand why Installers dont have AM21s

Allegedly a new HR21 is being shipped to me, since I've had no luck
getting a working refurb HR20.

The AM21 is a very pretty unit. Same form factor as an HR21, same
glossy black color, and very slim vertically, to easily fit under your

You daisy chain the power cord to the HR21, and connect a USB2
(supplied) cable to the HR21.

Will report back after Installing the HR21.


Meanwhile an HR10 which refused to recognize some remote control
commands, works perfectly again, after installing a different Hard
Drive with a fresh install of the TiVo OS. I stuck with my favorite

Apparently the OS on the previous Hard Drive got a minor corruption.

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