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>Oosah is a free, online media service that lets users store, organize
>and manage their photos, videos, and music in one place. Users can
>upload media content from their computers and digital cameras to Oosah
>and access their content on other sites (such as Facebook, Flickr,
>Picasa and YouTube) directly from their Oosah account.
>Today, Oosah is releasing its new iPhone application today, turning
>your iPhone and iPod Touch into a mobile desktop computer. Oosah
>therefor has launched a new Website that can be accessed through your
>iPhone. http://m.oosah.com. Oosah iPhone application takes advantage
>of iPhone’s unique interface, enabling users to drag-and-drop media
>content from their iPhone.
>The benefit of having access to your documents and files is that an
>application such as Oosah effectively extends the storage capacity of
>your mobile device to 1TB.

Minor detail, from their website:

Some features or services provided on the Site require a fee-based
subscription (all fee-based features and/or services are referred to
herein as “Subscription Services”). By purchasing Subscription
Services, you agree that your subscription is personal to you and that
you will not transfer or make available your account name and password
to others, including without limitation your friends, co-workers and
other contacts. Any distribution of your account name and password may
result in cancellation of your subscription without refund and in
additional charges based on unauthorized use. From time to time,
Subscription Services may change without notice.

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