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    Bloomberg accidentally publishes Steve Jobs obituary Financial news service Bloomberg spooked some Apple
    investors on Wednesday when it mistakenly published an obituary for
    company co-founder Steve Jobs.


    What If Steve Jobs DID Die? It was a mistake ... this time. Steve is
    fine. But what would happen if this wasn't a false alarm? Would Apple
    implode and come crashing down? Could the company of cool recover?

    See More: iPhone FUD: Steve Jobs obituary Wednesday

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    Re: iPhone FUD: Steve Jobs obituary Wednesday

    4phun <[email protected]> wrote in news:f3dac14c-4c31-4cd0-ac08-
    [email protected]:

    > What If Steve Jobs DID Die?

    There's nothing funny about this question, at all. Jobs saved the
    company's ass, if you'll remember, and is responsible for all its
    aggressive product promos.

    But, look at the photos of him in that BAGGY sweater hiding his frail, too
    skinny body. The mere mention of his health is enough to crash the stock.

    I'd love to see what he REALLY looks like without that bag he has on, in
    just a pair of shorts. He's a shadow of his former self.....not good.

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