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    Re: Apple's profit up 26 percent on iPhone boom

    Ron <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:[email protected]:

    > Quarrterly results out:

    Yeah, I read that too. What mystifies me is the constantly tanking
    stock price! What is Wall Street afraid of? What do they know they
    don't want the rest of us to know?

    Here's the other freaky thing that looks so suspicious:

    (NasdaqGS: AAPL)

    After Hours: 103.61 Up 12.12 (13.25%) 7:59PM EThelp
    Last Trade: 91.49
    Trade Time: 4:00PM ET
    Change: Down 6.95 (7.06%)
    Prev Close: 98.44
    Open: 96.97

    Apple tanked over 7% today, down almost $7. Then, always in the after
    hours shadowy world of the superrich, it suddenly jumps up 13.25% to
    $103 for no apparent reason!

    I've been watching this going on for months. Once night, like tonight,
    it jumps up after tanking.....Then, on another night, it does just the
    opposite...has a fair day then some big gun makes it crash all over if this is all planned.

    Wed Oct 15 - closes down 97.95 opens up Thurs at 99.92
    Thursday - closes up at 102 opens Friday at low 99
    Friday - closes at 97, opens above 99

    But, no matter what, the stock price is CRAP on one of the few companies
    now making a helluva profit..rising 26%.

    Since September 3rd, volume keeps climbing and climbing and the price
    has crashed from $166 down to $91/share. The volume is from DUMPING,
    not eager investors soaking it up. They're begging buyers to take it.

    This can only mean Christmas 2008 is going to be simply TERRIBLE....or
    worse....and way beyond.....

    Apple is a very good barometer with this profit rise to see how bad the
    economy really is. Gold's down to $774, again. It dropped from $810
    Monday....Our money is DEflating! Gas prices show it, too.

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    Re: Apple's profit up 26 percent on iPhone boom

    On 22 Oct 2008 13:14:14 GMT, That80sGuy <[email protected]> wrote:

    >In message news:[email protected], Larry
    ><[email protected]> done wrote:
    >> What mystifies me is the constantly tanking
    >> stock price! What is Wall Street afraid of? What do they know they
    >> don't want the rest of us to know?

    >That we're headed towards a Depression thanks to Cox, Bernanke, Paulson,
    >Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, McConnell, and Boehner.

    Apple stock is doing better than many. Be glad you dont hold Wachovia
    stock. At current and projected profit totals, Apple stock is very
    underpriced currently.

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    Re: Apple's profit up 26 percent on iPhone boom

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    Re: Apple's profit up 26 percent on iPhone boom

    Ron <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:[email protected]:

    > Be glad you dont hold Wachovia
    > stock. At current and projected profit totals, Apple stock is very
    > underpriced currently.

    I'm a day trader and made a right tidy sum from Wachovia in the last 3
    weeks when it crashed.

    I started with no WB stock. It WAS my bank, until that fateful Monday,
    Sept 20. They stopped trading to prevent it from going to zero. By
    11:30, I had my cash in hand but left the account open in case I
    couldn't get my SS direct deposit stopped in time. Opened a new account
    at a local state bank that's in fine shape. They only loan money to
    people who qualify, a whole new concept in banking.

    At 2:30, they reopened the stock at $1.64 and it started to rise. I
    couldn't stand it and dumped my trading account into WB at $1.84 and
    held my breath. Tueday, the stock bounced over 70% putting a nice smile
    on my face. Greedy bastard that I am I hung on, not sleeping again Tue
    night. It went up nearly 20% more on Wed, 13% on Thursday.

    Thursday night is when Wells Fargo said they wanted to buy the whole
    company for $7/share. The stock opened near $7 Friday morning and
    stayed there with this firm offer until Citigroup, who had tried to
    steal WB for $1/share threatened to drag everyone into court. Upon
    hearing that word, I dumped it at $6.94, a $27,717 pre-tax profit.

    The next week it tanked with all the fighting going on and profit takers
    like me gloating to friends who told me I was crazy, including the VP of
    the new bank who had a chance and blew it. Then, on Oct 8th it crashed
    again to $3.60 and I was watching closely. I bought back in and held on
    as Citigroup decided not to fight the takeover, making the stock jump
    back to over 6.30 when it evened out at the level point of the stock
    swap deal from Wells Fargo, whos stock had tanked. Whatever level the
    stock was worth is now tied to Wells Fargo's price X .1991 = WB's
    tethered price. Wells Fargo recovered a little, but not worth losing
    more sleepless nights so I dumped it for a final time making another 9K.

    I felt sorry for anyone who hung on long, which I never do, in some
    "brand loyalty" mode which always leads them into long term ruin these

    There was great money to be made in Wachovia, as in any other crashing
    company, if you take the time to play it close with an internet-
    connected trading account like Ameritrade or Scottrade or the like.
    Trading costs $7-10 per trade if you do everything yourself with your
    mouse clicker....(c; I once owned thousands of shares of Worldcom I
    bought for 6c/share off the pink sheets and sold for 22c/share
    prematurely as it didn't crash again until it was over 30c/share. Every
    time a stock crashes hard, I always see this one little bounce caused by
    just nothing but greedy bastards buying it so cheap they can't believe
    it. Then, at some point a little later, reality sets in that, yes, the
    CEO did make off with the money and is going to get away with it, when
    it finally dies for good. I love to play with that little bounce.

    There's a great way to watch successful day traders make a lot of money
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    The only thing that pisses me off is I didn't just stop working my ass
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    trips to the sanitorium and intensive care after the heart attacks....

    Daytrading is WAY more fun than anything in Atlantic City or Vegas.
    With daytrading you can ACTUALLY WIN!

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    Re: Apple's profit up 26 percent on iPhone boom

    SMS <[email protected]> wrote in news:iQGLk.4009$x%.2232

    > Wall street has already accounted for the iPhone profits in the stock
    > price, but those sales occurred before the meltdown. Cutting back on
    > discretionary purchases will hurt Apple more than many other companies.
    > While a business may still buy new Blackberry phones, the iPhone is
    > strictly a consumer device, and when money is tight a consumer will opt
    > for a free phone with a low-priced plan rather than a $200 phone with a
    > high priced plan. Similarly, for computers, when money is tight a
    > consumer is less likely to pay the Apple premium for hardware, even
    > though that premium is a lot less than it was in the past.

    Good points well expressed. There must not be as many supporting fanbois
    as I suspected in this environment.

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    Re: Apple's profit up 26 percent on iPhone boom

    That80sGuy <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:[email protected]:

    > Yeah, YOU'RE smarter than the investors who sold it off from $202 to
    > $98. Riiiiiiiiiight.

    Maybe he sold short, making a huge profit....

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