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    10 Reasons Why an iPad Is Not for You


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    John B. Coarsey, PE

    Re: 10 Reasons Why an iPad Is Not for You

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    > 10 Reasons Why an iPad Is Not for You
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    yawn, nothing news(y) here

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    Re: 10 Reasons Why an iPad Is Not for You

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    > Not-for-You-192832/?kc=EWKNLEDP04232010A

    I agree with everything except his stand to get the 3G model.

    Unless you need GPS, waiting for ATT's tiny 3G footprint for another
    hundred dollars (or so) isn't worth it. Anywhere ATT has 3G there are
    thousands of open hotspots to connect to in any of the ATT cities,
    rendering their much slower 3G service moot, except in a moving car.
    That much money/month for so little GB? Come on!

    The wifi version is easily fooled into thinking a Verizon or other mifi
    (or even better an unlimited Cricket aircard plugged into a battery
    powered USB cellphone router) is a much better idea. Using the
    aircard/router scheme means you can connect to ANY available cellular
    data network, not just hobbled up to ATT's half-assed 3G network around
    the big cities. Cricket has more 3G in more places, now, than ATT! ATT

    Also, using wifi to an external router lets you leave the battery load
    either on your car battery or at least on another CHANGEABLE power
    supply, reducing the load on the ipad's stupid batteries you can't swap
    for freshly recharged ones.

    This model will be worthless in 6 months when the NEXT model comes out,
    even more worthless in a year when version 3 comes out with some netbook
    usage this PoS never had and never can.

    Creationism is to science what storks are to obstetrics.


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