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>>>> I guess so, Georgie Girl. No Android user in his right mind would be

>> a
>>>> hobbled-up ATT customer on their tiny footprint.
>>> Have you paid your tab at The Waffle House yet, check-walker?
>>> And just WHY is it that Verison had to shut down iPhone offers because

>> the
>>> demand was too great, Lar? 'Splain us dat, homeboy.
>>> <http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/ve...-4-pre-orders-

>> tips-for-snagging-phone-next/19828811/>
>> Possibly Verizon felt the 9,612 TV news "iPhone comes to Verizon" stories
>> weren't quite enough free advertising and needed to add the patented
>> "twist of fear" angle: "why
>> there won't be enough Verizon iPhones for everyone and what YOU can do to
>> get yours! Details at 11!"
>> Personally I'm looking forward to the "this is so much slower than my
>> AT&T iPhone was!" and "why can't I surf the web while I'm on a call?"
>> backlash. The new "why are the picture downloads so fuzzy?" caused by
>> VZW's new pre-compression policy should be entertaining too!
>> I've got nothing against Verizon, mind you- I just like it when the
>> "grass is greener" crowd gets a reality check.

> I like this ad for the Verizon iPhone:
> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehxpvrJC5VA> (go to 0:50).

"Four Pack" - hilarious!

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