On 2/22/2012 11:12 AM, Roger 2008 wrote:
> If you already have a phone and you want service on it from AT&T without
> starting a contract you have to place a phone call to AT&T because if you
> try to get service for you phone at an AT&T Store they will put you on a 2
> year contract and the worst part is even though you supplied your own phone
> for AT&T service you can not upgrade either so if I wanted to buy the
> Samsung Galaxy Note today I'd have to pay $649.99 for it instead of just
> $299.
> My complaint has been forwarded to a special group that gets 72 hours to
> make a decision and that was 71 hours ago and I'm still waiting but I'll bet
> they didn't start their clock until Monday so I'll end up waiting 96 hours
> before they laugh at me for not knowing I had to order my SIM over the
> phone.
> Signed: Pissed at AT&T and still waiting to see what AT&T plans to do about
> the contract and my inability to Upgrade.

So why are you complaining on a Sprint newsgroup? Are you planning on
switching over to Sprint because AT&T is so bad for you?

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