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    I had to replace my sim card, and am wondering if the phone numbers I had stored in it are retrievable. I had to replace it because of the 3 strikes rule.

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    yes, they are retrievable...but at this point not from the phone, since it will give you the sim rejected error when you put it in a phone. I take care of this quite a bit for my customers. It generally requires a SIM card reader or a piece of hardware (such as a Cellebrite) that will transfer the phone numbers from the sim to another sim or phone.

    There are a lot of stores (but definitely not all, as they are quite expensive) that have these pieces of hardware. Just call a few of your local stores. We do it free for customers that have purchased phones from us...and we charge a small fee (generally 5 or 10 dollars) if they are not our customer.

    don't worry, you can get your numbers
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