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    Scott Townsend
    I have An ATT SIM in my Phone and its Home network is set to the old ATT
    Cell Sites. Generally this is not an issue as the ATT cells cover my area
    pretty good.

    Though at my house, the ATT Cell Signal is poor to non-existent. The
    Cingular Cell Signal is excellent! So what I'd like to do is set my 'home'
    network to the Cingular Cells and not the ATT Cells.

    Since the ATT Signal is weak, it drops out and then switches to Cingular,
    then the ATT signal peaks again and then switches back. This switching
    caused the battery to be drained rather quickly... Quite annoying...
    Setting the Service Selection to manual makes it so when I'm home it works,
    though traveling to and from places its always asking me to switch...


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    TampaMike is offline


    Hey Scott,

    I have a similar situation. I have an ATT SIM Card that seeks the old ATT signal before seeking the Cingular signal. I also have lousy ATT reception in my home. (I believe the new Cingular 64K SIM Cards seek out whichever signal is strongest, but to get them you have to sign a new Cingular Contract...I am happy with my ATT Contract so have to stick with the ATT SIM)

    What I do is alter my Network Settings to read the Cingular signal manually. In my area (Tampa Bay), the old ATT signal now displays as 'Cingular' on the phone, and the Cingular signal reads 'Cingular Wireless'.

    On the phone in Network Settings I have set the BAND to AUTO and the TYPE to MANUAL. I then select the 'Cingular Wireless' network and register it. I get 4 bars signal over 2 or 3 with the old ATT signal.

    Just note, depending on your phone model (I have a Moto V551 quad band) you may have to reset the settings when you reboot (I leave mine on most of the time, even when charging). If you hit an area where there is no Cingular signal, it may jump back to ATT signal, or the phone will alert you not signal is available. Then just flip the TYPE back to auto.

    Apparently the ATT SIM seeks the ATT signal 1st, even if it is weaker than the Cingular signal. So you have to manually overide that by putting the phone to manually read Cingular. It works in my area, hopefully also in yours

    Good Luck.

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