This is for those who have registered text message aliases or are thinking
of doing so.

Before you register in the text messaging MessageCenter be aware that if you
create an alias for your phone that everyone with that same alias gets ALL
the messages sent to that particular alias. Yes, that means that if you and
100 other people all create an alias called kitten or bubba that when
someone send a message to that alias all 100 people get it.

It gets even better - I made the mistake of creating one that others use so
everytime someone sends a message to their love one I get it. Also from the
boss, the kids, etc. Anyone would find this annoying so the easiest way to
fix it is to go to the MessageCenter and delete the alias. The only catch
here is that while you can create aliases you can't delete them. A quick
call to CS will tell you that they haven't found a solution to this yet
despite my weeks of requesting a simple delete option.

Th filtering options within MessageCenter will not solve this issue for
messages sent as text from the Cingular website or phone to phone.

If you're getting tons of unwanted text messages and have created an alias
this could be the reason for it.

See More: FYI on Cingular Text Messsaging