Whatever happened to Mmode...???
i recently ( a month ago ) changed my billing plan, down two notches,
and ( as always ) they fiddled with something else, and shut off my
Mmode ( seemingly...??? )
BUT-- i can still do most everything that Mmode used to do, such as
download games and ringers, accept email, but not send it...?
and view sites on the mmode version of the internet...
What i can't do, is log-on to my Mmode account, so i can't unsubscribe
from services that i signed up to before it was shut off...
Or view my Ewallet account, ( which i can't seem to find any trace of
with Google...? )
and now i'm also aware ( ??? ) that C- has changed that whole plan
around, so that it's way, WAY more expensive...???
what is what...???

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