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    Re: Cingular's Warranty repair is a JOKE

    PC Medic wrote:
    > "Jer" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    > news:[email protected]
    >>Your Name Here wrote:
    >>>Bought a Nokia 6102 4 months ago, the middle button came off, spent
    >>>45mins on hold to be told that there is a 50 dollar deductible because of
    >>>physical damage. I use the phone and take care of the phone and all of a
    >>>sudden a button falls of and I have to pay?
    >>>GO FIGURE

    >>Maybe Cingular thinks your care of the phone is a joke. If you can't take
    >>better care of your phone than that, you should pay.
    >>email reply - I am not a 'ten'

    > Ans I suppose you have proof the OP abused the phons and the button popping
    > off was not a manufacture defect?

    Until Cingular receives a notice from Nokia that this is an issue for
    this model, Cingular is free to think whatever they want. Given the
    context of my previous comment, I don't need proof that he did, he needs
    proof that he didn't. As far as your lack of reading comprehension,
    that's another issue altogether.

    email reply - I am not a 'ten'

    See More: Cingular's Warranty repair is a JOKE

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    PC Medic

    Re: Cingular's Warranty repair is a JOKE

    "Lord Vader" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected][color=blue]
    > PC Medic Wrote:
    >> "Jer" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    >> news:[email protected]
    >> Your from the land of ignorance is where you are from.
    >> How long you worked for Cingular?

    > I know this wasn't directed to me, but I have been working for Cingular
    > Warranty Exchange for 2 years. NO manufacturers cover missing keys as a
    > warranty issue. I'm not saying it's the customers fault or not. But if
    > enough customers call and reprot the isue to the manufacturer, it may
    > eventually be recocnized as a manufacturers defect. For Example. the
    > Nokia 6102......
    > Nokia 6102-Antenna Cover

    That's odd as Motorola replaced my V180 when the # key popped out about 7
    months into its service life.

    I work for the Customer relations department of one of the worlds largest PC
    peripheral manufacturers and I can assure you that if a product warranty
    states it covers 'manufacturer defect' as most all of them do, and a part
    falls out of a product (be it 1 or 1000 units) they would be liable under
    this warranty to repair or replace the 'defective' product unless they could
    determine (and prove) it was a result of abuse and not from normal use. The
    burden lies with the manufacturer (at least in the U.S.) to prove damage was
    result of misuse and not the consumers responsibility to prove it was not.
    Not to mention any 'reputable' manufacture/vendor will stand behind what
    they sell.

    > "An issue was recently identified which may impact a small percentage
    > of Nokia 6102 devices. During the assembly of some units an
    > insufficient amount of glue was used to attach the antenna cover. As
    > a result the antenna cover on these devices can disengage from the
    > handset body cap during normal use
    > Nokia has adjusted the manufacturing process to ensure the proper
    > amount of glue is used and the appropriate drying time is allowed.
    > Updated product is currently available in the Distribution Centers and
    > within the Markets, however; there is no way to distinguish units that
    > may be affected by this issue.
    > WSC Agents if the customers equipment is under 30 days please refer
    > callers to the point of purchase for replacement. If the equipment is
    > over 30 days and within the 1 year warranty period please process an
    > exchange. "
    > This was only released to Cingular yesterday from Nokia. Up until now,
    > we could not process a warranty exchange and had to refer them to the
    > manufacturer.

    A perfect example of some of Cingulars poor customer service.

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    Lord Vader
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    Quote Originally Posted by PC Medic

    A perfect example of some of Cingulars poor customer service.
    If Cingular did not have XBM, you would have no choice but to go directly to the man for warranty issues. Mail your phone to them, wait 4-6 weeks, then MAYBE you get your phone back or replaced, MAYBE having to pay for repairs as well.
    "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

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