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    A weird one here - I have a Moto 557 with bluetooth turned on. I also have
    a bluetooth dongle enabled. The two devices are paired with a passkey. If
    I search for devices the laptop finds the phone, the phone prompts me for
    the passkey which I enter and it is then authenticated. The laptop shows the
    phone as an available bluetooth device. I can send a file from my phone to
    my laptop without a problem by clicking on my bluetooth icon in the system
    tray and selecting Receive File. It then waits for a connection and the
    subsequent file transfer. I can also use it as a bluetooth link to use my
    557 as a modem. What I cannot do is transfer a file from my laptop to my
    phone. When I try this I click on Send file, the window opens asking which
    device and is prefilled with Motorola Phone. I check the box for passkey
    and enter the key. I click next and get prompted to Browse for a file name.
    I select a file and click next which enters the filename in the proper
    place. I then click next again. This screen brings up a progress bar which
    says authenticating and then moves to another screen with a message "The
    wait operation timed out." That's where the process dies each time.

    I have rebooted, removed my BT device, uninstalled it, stopped and started
    BT services, and just about everything else I can think of but can't get
    around this.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Re: Bluetooth on working one direction?

    The title should be Bluetooth only....

    More info-

    I tried making the laptop to phone transfer again without the passkey and
    after picking a file and clicking next it goes to a screen where it says
    connecting.... It then comes back with the following error -

    "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly
    respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because
    connected host has failed to respond."

    My BT is on and working because the files can go the other direction so I
    know that's not the issue. Is there something that is supposed to be
    activated on the phone prior to sending to receive the transfer request?

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    Re: Bluetooth on working one direction?

    what software are you using on the laptop?

    if you have Moto phone tools set it up to sync with the BT and you can
    send files both ways. if you are using the software that came with the
    BT dongle then that is most likely your issue.

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    The Reverend Natural Light

    Re: Bluetooth on working one direction?

    Hmm. I have a 557 and a Bluetooth USB adapter and am able to do
    exactly what you're trying. The software that came with the adapter
    set up a "Bluetooth Neighborhood" icon on the desktop that shows all
    available devices and services. I can navigate to the phone and open a
    connection to available files. At that point, I can drag and drop
    files to and from the phone and it works just like any other folder.

    I'll check out the software name and version when I get home and post


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