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    Re: iPhone bricks - more info

    Oxford wrote:

    > Maverick <[email protected]> wrote:
    >>>yeah, and it's sad that Elmo seems to be unable to tell his secret. i
    >>>think he knows it's a trivial connection "at best", so he's scared.

    >>You are too young to remember the Lisa days, laddie.

    > nope, still vividly remember formating a 5MB profile drive connected to
    > one of them. i still own a lisa (mac XL) come to think of it. haven't
    > booted it in years however, but i bet it still works.

    Then you should remember that smalltalk back then ran on it?
    And that this feat made it possible for Apple to further its research
    into the GUI thru object oriented techniques?

    I myself remember the old MK110 computers of the Navy. vintage 1959.

    See More: Jobs SLAMS 3G - Wipes out its future!

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    Re: iPhone bricks - more info

    "Elmo P. Shagnasty" <[email protected]> wrote:

    > > > then NAME her contribution. bet you can't.

    > >
    > > Didn't you read the wiki entry?
    > > smalltalk.

    > That was one, yes.

    but she was only one of many behind smalltalk, and it was something
    apple didn't use. so what was Adele's crucial contribution Elmo?

    still waiting for you to reveal your secret.

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    David W Studeman

    Re: iPhone bricks - more info

    Oxford wrote:

    > In article <[email protected]>,
    > <[email protected]****> wrote:
    >> > More Apple bollox, like the Apple Crap, sorry Mac Buy a decent phone
    >> > like an
    >> > N95. Face it, iPhone owners, you've been screwed by Jobs again.

    > The Nokia N95 got HORRIBLE reviews compared to the iPhone.
    > It wasn't even a contest, the iPhone easily won:
    > Nokia is in serious trouble. Even the Nokia CEO Olli Pekka Kallasvuo
    > said he is ³paranoid² about Apple¹s entry into the cell phone market.
    > They don't stand a chance... we all know that now!

    What I got out of the review is that the iPhone is for the technically
    challenged, the N95 is for the true techies. Last time I checked the market
    share of devices which was a few days ago, Apple wasn't even on the map.
    There have only been a million or so iPhone's sold which is not very much
    compared to the billions of other manufactured devices. I have to admit
    that I have never seen a piece of carcinogen producing plastic create such
    a frenzy. At the end of the day, they are all still consumer grade personal
    multimedia devices that can actually make phone calls and are marketed to
    the masses like fast food.


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    Re: Jobs SLAMS 3G - Wipes out its future!

    Oxford <[email protected]> wrote in news:colalovesmacs-
    [email protected]:

    >> EVDO *is* a 3G standard, you nitwit! And Jobs doesn't control the
    >> cell-phone market (big surprise for you I'm sure!).

    > But it is part of CDMA2000, which doesn't suck power as badly as 3G.

    What a lame backpeddle.

    But only to be expected from a troll.

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    Re: iPhone bricks - more info

    In article <[email protected]>, Traveling Man
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    > > Few people want AT&T as a carrier." It's always one of the top three,
    > > but apparently people who want to complain ignore everyone who choses
    > > it on purpose.

    > Top three in what? Maybe in subscribers, but every customer survey I've
    > read lately puts VZW on top, and AT&T down the list below T-Mobile.

    Yes, I was writing about the number of subscribers, because the
    statement was about selecting the carrier. The only quantifiable fact
    we can use to show that consideration is the number of people actually
    using the carrier.

    Sure, people may WANT more from a carrier -- some expect the very best
    of every story they've ever heard (lowest cost, best coverage, fastest
    data network, most features, most open attitudes, unlimited handset
    choice, all at the same time!). But the only way to actually show how
    the choices affect what they actually do is to look at the one they

    Surveys about satisfaction are usually about specific features or
    customer handling, not all issues at once.

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