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    You can now download apps directly from any Apple Developer.

    Developers and users need not use the App Store for testing. Ad Hoc
    distribution goes directly between the developer and the user. The
    user needs only supply their iPhone's unique device identifier. The
    developer then sends a specially compiled version of their app along
    with a mobile provision file. Users drop these into iTunes and they're
    good to sync.

    There are several ways to recover UDIDs. In iTunes, open the device
    Summary tab, tap Serial Number (it changes to "Identifier"), and press
    Command-C (Mac) or Control-C (Windows). You can then paste the UDID
    into an email. From the device, you can download Ad Hoc Helper, tap
    the icon and then address the pre-filled email to a developer.

    Today launches the site's first downloadable
    application for the iPhone and iPod touch, providing an on-the-go,
    personal entertainment guide for over 2,000 Washington, D.C.-area
    restaurants, bars and clubs. The City Guide app uses a GPS feature to
    find and map all nearby locations within blocks of where a user is
    standing. With an easy-to-navigate design, the application lets users
    search by name, neighborhood and cuisine. Users can quickly look up an
    address, phone number, hours, price range, directions and more.

    See More: New Apple Approved Ad Hoc Distribution Bypasses Apple App Store

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    George Kerby

    Re: Stanford to offer iPhone programming course

    On 7/23/08 10:37 PM, in article, "4phun"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    > On Jul 23, 11:29*pm, 4phun <[email protected]> wrote:
    >> You can now download apps directly from any Apple Developer.

    > Stanford appears to be offering a course in the Autumn entitled
    > "iPhone Application Programming."
    > This would be an interesting way to work your way through college.

    Dumbing down of American education. I wonder just how much the students pay
    per Semester Hour for such crap?

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