On Jul 31, 9:54*am, G.M. Durrence <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have had my Motorola q9h 3G phone for one week and I have not once
> connected in the HSPDA mode. *I live right in the center of the
> Atlanta 3G coverage area and usually have 4 bars of signal strength.
> I always connect in the 3G mode for voice but I always connect in the
> EDGE mode for data. *I suspect that HSPDA is disabled, either in my
> handset or in the AT&T network. *I have talked to Tech Support almost
> every day and even took it in to the AT&T Corporate Phone Center and
> no one could, or would resolve my problem.
> Can someone tell me what settings I need in my handset in order to
> connect in the high speed data mode? *I was told by Tech Support that
> under GPRS settings the User name and Password should be blank. *Is
> this correct?
> I would also like to know if others are having similar problems,
> especially people with new 3G iphones.
> Thanks,
> G.M. Durrence
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ninjaap said,

If you want 3g speeds all the time, then enable band selection and
choose 3g only. Keeping it at 3g will help sling player significantly.
I use that app all the time. If your browser still feels a little
sluggish, you can try the IE speed hack:

Enable band selection:
1. Go to Home Screen
2. Type *#1546792*# and then send
3. You will see new screen that indicates that Band
Selection was enabled
4. Now you can go to Settings/Phone/Network/Band

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