The DCH-12K does work w/6340i, thats the phone I use in it.


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> says...
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> > > As far as your plan, if you wanted to get a phone, I would recommend

> > > 6340i, and you should go with the Nation Plan. DO NOT let them sign

you up
> > > to a GSM only plan. Look at the maps, you will see why.

> >
> > > If you want to keep it as is, find a good
> > > 5165 Nokia and keep it.

> >
> > Is that a GAIT phone? If so, wouldn't I still need a multi-network plan

> > pick up all the towers?
> >
> >

> The 5165 is not GAIT -- it is (or rather was - not on the current model
> list at a tri-mode TDMA/amps. He was recommending a model if
> you kept your current TDMA/amps plan.
> One thing I forgot to mention, if you get the GAIT plan and a GAIT phone
> such as the Nokia 6340i, you can obtain an unlocked GSM-only phone with
> all the bells and whistles -- then WHEN YOU'RE IN A GSM AREA pull the
> Sim card out of the 6340i and put it in the GSM phone and that phone
> will work without further contact with cs. At least others have
> reported it to work--I haven't actually tried it yet although if the
> perfect pda/phone came out I might.
> I had forgotten about that dch-12k. It might be the perfect thing but
> do verify it works for the 6340i since it only lists the 6360 and 6310i.
> And it doesn't mention charging LitIon batteries. Also a google search
> shows prices all over the board - I saw $25 (at several sites), $49,
> even $12.88 at
> Here's a slightly different model from another mfgr:
> --
> Jud
> Dallas TX USA

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