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"Personalized greetings for every caller! One for your WIFE. One for your

Check out AutoPilot for Series 60 phones (Nokia 3600,3650,7650, N-Gage,
SX1) - This new program allows you leave personalized greetings for every
caller - Have a different voice greeting for your boss, mom, brother, sister
and co-workers. Download a free 14 day trial version now @ .Other features include:

Set default auto response and save voice messages directly to your phones
internal memory without using your operator's voice mail.

Set personalized voice responses and save voice messages.

Personalized SMS responses (when somebody calls, the SMS response will be

Reject unwanted calls (blacklist feature)

Call back the received call numbers

Save local voice clip files

Get complete call log

Playback saved voice messages

Transfer saved voice messages via Email, Infrared,
Bluetooth or MMS

Buy now @ - only $10


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