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    Yeechang Lee
    My brand new T610 (purchased from with a new US T-Mobile
    plan on the 12th; arrived on the 22nd) hisses when used without a
    headset. I know this was an endemic problem with the first batch that
    was supposed to have been fixed, but it definitely exists on mine.

    Another problem I've noticed is that the software crashes too often;
    this morning, for example, I had three crashes in a row within five
    minutes while on calls.

    According to the back label and service menu, my phone is revision
    R25A with firmware R1S001 and was manufactured in 03W46, so I am
    surprised the hissing problem exists at all. Should I contact T-Mobile
    or Sony Ericsson? Can I get the phone exchanged at a T-Mobile retail
    outlet even though I bought it through Amazon?

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    Dimpled Chad

    Re: Brand new T610 hisses and crashes

    Hi Yeechang,

    I just got a T610 from Amazon, and it has the same firmware, revision, and
    manufacturing date, but I've not experienced the same problems you have. It
    has never crashed on me, for instance.

    I'm not sure whom you should call. I'd probably call Amazon first, get them
    to send you a new one and to send this one back. Have them pay for shipping,
    since you are within the 30 day window and the product is defective.

    After the 30 day window, you'd probably need to go through either SE itself
    for repair or TMo for service questions. I'm too new to know which for sure.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Brand new T610 hisses and crashes

    It is firmware!

    firmware R1S001 has a problem.

    Modles with software verison R3A and later are problem FEE phones. Go
    back to your porvider and ask for new phone.
    Do NOT try to flash your phone, not even in the certified service.

    Good luck!

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