I had a perfectly working T68m phone. I let this phone to be upgraded to the
latest software version from Sony-Ericsson (T68i).
All was working fine.
I decided to give the phone to my girlfriend and buy a T610.
The phone got wet and it broke, not totally, but strange software behavement
and blocking while booting.
I sent the phone to S-E repair center. They replaced some pads and stuff.
The phones comes back, and it works like a charm; at least I thought that...

Software seems to work perfectly, everything fine. But sometimes in areas
where other phones with the same SIM in it (T610, T20, 3210 tested) have
excellent reception, the phone has very bad reception or no network at all
This is very annoying! Sometimes the phone functions perfectly, with
excellent reception for a few days, and after that the problems starts

Any ideas on this???

Thanks a lot, 'cause this problem is driving me nuts!

Kind regards,

Hasj Pee

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