A couple of weeks back I bought a T610 and a serial cable hoping to make it
work on my notebook running Linux but being prepared to actually having to
revert to running Windows on it if failing to make the phone working under
Linux. As usual Linux is not officially supported and asking around the
answer is: It will not work.

Well it does work. And within 15 minutes.

I am using a Dell notebook running SuSE 9.0 Professional.

Connecting the phone to COM1 of the notebook I fired up yast and clicked the
modem icon in the Hardware tab. Linux immediately saw and recognized the
phone as a modem.
I created an own provider, entered: *99***1# as the phone number and "dummy"
as user name and "dummy" as password. The dummy/dummy is necessary for
wvdial to work as it doesn't accept an empty user name, though not required
by my mobile phone operator (KPN of the Netherlands).

Firing up "kinternet" gave me instant internet connection.

Not only does the internet connection works fast (compared to WAP at least)
and flawlessly but the T610 is one hell of a gadget too!

Jan Schledermann
Mierlo, The Netherlands

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