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    Hello all,

    How do I install java games on my p900?

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    Ben Measures

    Re: Java installs in p900?

    Azm wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > How do I install java games on my p900?
    > Azm

    Dunno about P900, but with the T610 I can do it (at least) two ways:
    1.) Drag and drop the java game with bluetooth
    2.) Put the game on some webspace and download the game.

    An important point to note is that some java game developers have put
    special optimisers in that are phone dependant, ie. some java games will
    only work with Nokia phones.

    Ben M.

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    Neil J. Kemp

    Re: Java installs in p900?

    > > How do I install java games on my p900?

    Just copy the jad/jar file onto the phone (I think the documents
    directory lets you put them there).

    Then using the phone and the file manager application and browse to
    your file. "Run" the jad file (or it might be the jar - i forget
    which) and it'll pop up a box asking if you want to install. Voila!
    :-) After installing you can delete those file.

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