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    I have a T610 with T-Mobile in the US.

    I set up an email account under my service and have no problems
    sending and receiving emails on my T610 with this account.

    My question is when I send a quick email it defaults back to the T-Mobile
    email account ( even though I've got the T610 set up as the
    comcast as the default account in my settings.

    I guess I could delete the "My Email" account, or edit it for
    I had created a new account for

    And yes my Messaging/Email/Options/Set Account is set to my comcast account.

    Anyone else have this problem. Anyone know how to fix it.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Re: T610 email - quick send

    I think I figured out my question on my own after getting my first bill.
    The quick send is considered picture messaging which T-Mobile charges 25
    cents each. If I go into email / write new and add attachments it is
    considered email and uses my default account ( and is free under
    my $39 T-Mobile plan.
    Life and learn.


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