I am trying to install the Sony-Ericsson Mobile Phone Monitor that I
just downloaded from the SE web site.

I run the mobile_phone_monitor.exe file, and everything seems to "go
well" (ie, no error message boxes etc). Then nothing happens, the
installer window just closes, with no error (or success :-)) messages.

When I snoop around in the program files\Ericsson directory, there are
lots of files there, and a anubisinstall.log file. The last line in
that file is
Could not Self-Register: C:\Program Files\Ericsson\Mobile Phone
I assume this might have something to do with the non-success of the

SE customer support has been completely useless. I told them of the
problem via email, and they suggested that I check the phone
connection, and try it again. "if that doesnt work, mpm does not
support my phone".

Has anyone else seen this problem?

I am running windows XP with SP1a installed if that helps.

Thanks for any info in advance,


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