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    Rob Jackson

    I'm trying to remove the cover from my s-e T100 so that I can replace
    the LCD screen.

    I've removed the two Torx screws from the bottom, and have found the
    clips on the side, but cannot work out where to go from there, as
    there is still a lot of resistance, and I'm unwilling to force it.

    Do I have to remove the block on the back (the antenna?) before I can
    remove the case; if so, how?


    Rob Jackson

    See More: T100 Disassembly

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    Nobody gives instructions on how to take these things apart!

    Yup. The aerial has to come off. What worked for me was to get a small flat-blade screwdriver on either side of the battery clip and then apply brute force. The aerial has some major clippage.

    Underneath, you'll find two more T-7 torx screws then the rear case unclips and you're in with a grin.

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