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    Morten LundstrÝm

    I apologize if I'm way off course here by asking this but could anyone
    direct me to a a2628 flash file with danish language? My moms A2628 has been
    acting rather strange lately and I was hoping a software upgrade would do
    the trick.
    I have the tools to do it, I just need the file, and perhaps a hint if I
    need to take special care of something.
    I've found alot of pages using google, but they're mainly for newer S/E


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    Re: A2628 flash?

    What is the problem with your A2628s ?
    Mine seizes up, clear screen, leaves the green light on and nothing works.
    Disconnecting the battery for at least 40 min's gets rid of the problem, but
    sometimes just a few min. later it will seize again.
    It's uneconomical to send it to SE repairer, but I wander if a firmware
    upgrade will help (there is a later version) or if it is a memory problem.

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