i purchased the p900 for use in the field. primarily to be able to
take photo's of availabe buildings/dirt, etc..and email them to
clients who want an instant peak at a potential investment. i'm
having some difficulties accessing mlxchange because it was "intended
for use with IE 5.5 or higher". The built-in browser does not impress
nor does Opera browser let me gain access to http://las.mlxchange.com.
Are there other browsers out there someone can recommend to try? any
real estate sales reps in the las vegas market encountering similar
troubles with property line or mlxchange? anyone else dissapointed
with the included apps for use with the computer? seems to be easier
to email photo's to my cpu then to use the usb interface, those short
comings aside, WOW, what an amazing phone!! All input is greatly

Brian Blume
Mandalay Realty
Las Vegas, NV
[email protected]

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