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    Tiny Tim
    I've been running the /// version of XTNDConnectPC for over two years to
    sync my T68i over a Bluetooth connection. There have been occasional
    problems but mostly it's behaved OK. But for the last few months I seem to
    get continual problems, even though I've made sure I have the latest XTND
    software from the /// site.

    The problems are...

    (a) every time I sync the software decides it needs a full sync, and
    proceeds to creep at snails' pace through 150 odd calendar entries and every
    task(~30) and contact(~200). This is even if I only add/change/delete a
    couple of things.

    (b) often, and on the most recent sync, the XTND software crashes, with a
    memory violation (XP Pro traps the fault), just as the last calendar sync
    item completes. This means that my Tasks don't get synced.

    I've tried a master reset on the phone and that fixes the problem for a bit,
    but lots of settings do not get restored and I have to sort those out
    manually so that is not a viable permanent solution. I've also
    uninstalled/reinstalled XTND but to no avail. When the crash occurs it
    leaves the Bluetooth port connected and the phone thinks it is still syncing
    and my Outlook file is locked so I need to reboot. All in all it sucks big

    Here is the error text from the Event Log....

    "Faulting application xtndpc.exe, version, faulting module
    rstrandb.dll, version, fault address 0x0000342b."

    followed by....

    "Fault bucket 71207706"

    Is there a cure?


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    XTNDConnectPC Problems

    Hi Tim,

    I have the same problem, using the T630 Sonny-Ericsson. At the beginning it worked, now I am getting the same message as you. Did you find a solution for the problem?
    The Sonny-Ericsson Call center told me it is a Windows Problem - bad joke!

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