I have now got the proper cradle for my p800 which is the HCH-32 varient.
however i have now hit another snag.

The cradle from the kit is for the T68/i or the T28, though im inclined
toward the T28 more due to the shape of the cradle.

Anyways the connector that was on the old cradle wont fit into the new one
preperly. ive got the Aerial in perfectly fine as i would imagine they are
all universal, but the connector is a different style.

Is there a serperate cable for this kit that i can source from somewhere
good as at the minute they only advantage i have to having the massive, and
i mean BIG cradle in the car is that i can use the phone on speakerphone and
get a much better signal in the kit, twice as good as normal

The carkit numbers are....
TYPE :- 5020025
S/N :- 04453125
KRY :- 105170R4A(020010)

Hope someone can shed some light on this as i could do with getting it
working right as the cradle is so big its hardly justifiable just for the
better signal strength and holding the phone there instead of in between me
legs n frying me man bits

Thanks in advance,
Will M

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