I have a question.

From time to time I receive e-mails which contain calendarevents. The
calendar event is attached in a file with either VCAL or ICS extension
(depending on the sw sending it).

If I open up such a file using Outlook on my pc, the calendar
information (a meeting request) is shown correctly and I can choose to
accept or deny the request.

When I open up such a file on my P800, the file itself is shown (both
VCAL and ICS files are regular textfiles with XML-style syntax). So I
am therefor not able to neither read or reply to a meeating request
using my P800.

Is it the same on the P900 ?

If I remember correctly I used a PocketPC earlier and it had no problems
with VCAL or ICS files.

Does it exists any 3.party sw to make it work on the P800 (and if it
doesn't work on the P900 on it as well).

The strange thing is that is someone send the same file using either
IRDA or Bluetooth, the P900 knows that to do and shows the event.



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