can someone please help me find a solution for the following: I have an AT&T
branded T637. On the screen, instead of saying "calls" on the left and
"more" on the right, it says "calls" on the left and 'mMode" on the right.
Is there any way to change this back to the orginal settings so that "more"
appears. It is a constant pain to have to go through all the sub menus to
get to profilechange or to turn on ir. I already have bluetooth set as my
number one shortcut, so a left point on the joystick brings it up
immeadaitly. I need this the most, so no use in changing that around.

I have considered a master reset from the menu, but I am afraid that this
will just put it back in it's original state with all the AT&T crap and I'll
just loose my contacts.


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