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    Re: Cell phone bands (GSM 1900?) at Disney World

    On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 18:16:45 GMT, [email protected] (Patty Winter)

    >Because I have Cingular prepaid, my current account only works in
    >California and parts of Nevada and Washington. So I will have to
    >purchase a new SIM when I arrive in Orlando, but that won't cost
    >too much.

    Why bother getting a cingular prepaid that will only work in some
    areas? Get a T-Mobile prepaid SIM either from a T-Mobile store or on
    ebay for as little as $25. T-Mobile's prepaid will work throughout
    their system including Washington and Orlando. Of course you'll
    require that your handset is unlocked.
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    Todd Allcock

    Re: Cell phone bands (GSM 1900?) at Disney World

    [email protected] (Patty Winter) wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > I think I've finally gotten a definitive answer to my question.
    > I called Cingular customer service again and got the rep to
    > transfer me to tech support. The guy there said that Cingular's
    > network in Florida is both 850 and 1900 MHz GSM, so my phone will
    > be fine.

    That's good news.

    > Here is the apparent source of the confusion: Until June, Cingular
    > only had an 850 MHz analog TDMA network. Then it was switched to
    > 850/1900 GSM digital. So anyone who hadn't heard about the very
    > recent change would naturally think that Cingular was still only
    > 850 in that area.

    Kinda sorta- cellular licenses (frequencies) are purchased, and have
    nothing to do with the technology used on them. Cingular's conversion
    from TDMA to GSM doesn't automatically give them the license to
    operate at 1900MHz.

    Having said that, I just checked and noticed that
    while they show Cingular only having an 800MHz license, Nextwave is
    listed as having a 1900MHz one.

    Cingular bought all of Nextwave's licenses back in April, and
    wirelessadvisor has apparently never updated those lists. (Long story
    short, Nextwave was a company that bought a bunch of 1900MHz licenses
    around the country but went bankrupt before even using them. Cingular
    bought 34 of them, including Orlando, earlier this year.)

    > Thanks to everyone for your help in sorting this out. I'll post
    > a report in a few months after I return from Florida!

    Enjoy the trip!

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