Hi all, new in here,
I would like some help to dismantle a Sony Ericsson T100 mobile phone. I
can't seem to get the arial cover off.
The reason being the LCD screen has a minor fault. (a small portion of the
screen has no display horizontally, 3/4 up)
I have replaced a LCD in a T610 for a friend before. I was "possibly"
thinking the ribbon cable may have been dislodged
somewhat after a "drop" or something. I have been to the uselessinfo site
for dismantling phones but the T100 is not listed in their
I have tried with a fine flat screwdriver at the sides of the arial cover to
no avail. Is this where I should "attack" (sorry "pry")
This is another friends phone and I do not wish to return it broken
Any help/advice greatly appreciated


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