fm wrote:
> Ivan Herman wrote:
>> I have a brand new P910i. Internet connection works quite well via
>> GPRS, ie, I have access to the Internet. I try to setup my email
>> account, using the same data as on my PC mailer. However, when I try
>> to get the mail, the P910i connects to the ISP (I guess) but then
>> comes back with a message 'activation rejected'? I am stuck, I simply
>> do not know what this message refers to. I tried to switch on and off
>> the secure password authentication entry in the advanced field, but no
>> difference.
>> Does anybody know what this error message means? It would help me to
>> move forward...
>> Thanks
>> Ivan Herman

> When you say internet connection works, do you mean Opera or the
> internal browser? If you haven't tested Opera, maybe all you have for
> internet connection is a GPRS WAP account. In that case you will need
> to set up a GPRS Internet account on your phone, and use that for Opera
> and E-mail.
> Your mobile service provicer should have the information you need. You
> might also check if Sony Ericsson's support pages for the P910i has a
> setting for your country and provider.

That might be a problem, thanks for point that out! The problem is that T-Mobile (my
provider), in their infinite wisdom, try to introduce other terms. So the setup I use is
called 't-zones GPRS'. The installation SMS-s installed some others, too, like 't-zones
WAP', and I have no idea what they are. I guess I'll have to call them to find out (unless
there is somebody here who is also a T-Mobile customer...).

To answer your question: the built-in browser works without problems. But I had problems
with Opera indeed: it started working well, but after my attempts with the email it
stopped working, after complicated de-installation (which involved deleting the init files
of Opera manually) and re-installation it started working again, then it stopped
working... sigh.

I appreciate your help. Thanks 'fm'!


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