I am having problems w/ ActiveSync 3.7.1 and the SonyEricsson suite
1.1.1 both installed (Outlook XP 2003). What happens is that if I
install the SonyEricsson suite, I can then use bluetooth to sync w/ my
SE T630 phone. The suite has XTND Connect for Sony Ericsson included.
Once I install ActiveSync, however, I constantly get a synchronization
error when trying to sync w/ my Pocket PC. It tells me there's a
conflict and to reconnect my PocketPC. When I do that, however, the
same thing happens (synchronization error). There's an icon showing a
green ActiveSync status symbol with a red exclamation point
superimposed on it.

I've tried just installing ActiveSync by itself. When I do that, it
syncs just fine. When I then install XTND Connect for Sony Ericsson
(Version 4.9, Product ID 206-102, Build 541) , it then has problems
syncing, as described above.

Please note and maintain the crossposts, since I don't get the
activesync group at my provider.

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