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    Roman Mittermayr
    Hello -

    I am currently doing some research on Ericsson phones.
    As commonly known, the T610 has got an AVR chip and an ARM one.

    I found several devices for flashing those chips (e.g. Terminator Dongle).
    I had a closer look at the design of these interfaces, and I was wondering
    how they actually work. As it is my intention, to get rid of those
    offerings for flashing your T610, I am eager to gather enough information to
    assemble a low-cost flashing solution for Ericsson phones.

    Now, I am currently wondering, how the AVR chip is flashed inside the phone.
    Are the MISO, MOSI, RESET, SCLK lines wired directly to the phone connector?
    (At least it looks like this on the Terminator dongle schematic).

    If yes, wouldn't it be hell simple to connect the correct wires from the
    phone connector
    to a low-cost ATMEL (serial) programmer and simply reflash the AVR chip?

    I've done some intense work on ATMEL and AVR, so from this point of view it
    shouldn't be a problem. Although I am aware that this would be a hell easy

    Any information on that ?
    Does anybody know what the exact model type is inside the T610 (AVR model) ?
    I am going to try it this weekend, to read the flash by using a simple AVR
    I am quite sure that the Terminator dongle is pretty similar.

    The only thing that could make things more complicated would be a custom
    flash routine inside the AVR, handling a reflash through a specific custom

    Any information on this?

    Help apreciated,
    I am going to keep you updated, in case you are interested.

    Any links to "better suitable" newsgroups are welcome. In that case, sorry
    being "off-topic".

    Please do only reply on this thread!


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    Marko Petrovic

    Re: AVR flashing, The new, simple way?

    What can it be done by flashing these chips?

    Any ideas how to change message alert tone to a custom one (other midi), or
    to set an AVR sound to ring signal?


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    Re: AVR flashing, The new, simple way?

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