Hey all, I just got a Moto v525, and it came with a Moto HF800
handsfree speaker. The v525 already has built-in speakerphone (albeit
not as clear sounding as the HF800, at least not in a car), but I
think I would prefer to have a bluetooth headset of some variety -
Moto, Jabra, Sony Ericsson, etc. Would anyone be interested in
trading me? Unfortunately, I don't have any documentation or a
charger for the speaker (only one common charger came with my v525 and
HF800, and I need it for the phone), but it works great and comes with
a holder with a clip so you can clip it on your car visor, belt, etc.
Here is a link that describes it:


Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you're interested in a


Susan (in the US)

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