Today I've spent all day trying to figure out why the synchronisation of
my P800 suddenly started to fail with Fatal Exception - Access Violation.

The answer is that it clashes with the dashboard software for my Vodafone
Mobile Connect 3G card (I just upgraded that to the latest version 3.02).

Both products have been sourced from Vodafone but I can't find any
information whatsoever on their web site referring to this problem (the
support pages only consist of a few FAQs and the latest software to
download). The Sony Ericsson support which I spoke to on the phone
today immediately spotted the problem (obviously I'm not the first person
to suffer from this).

I think Vodafone ought to have some information on this and a solution
somewhere. As it is now, I can't use both those functions, I have to
deinstall the Mobile Connect software to make my phone synch with my PC.

Anyone else come across this? Any solutions out there? My short term
solution is to go back to the old version of the Vodafone
dashboard software (which did work) if I can find the CD somewhere. On the
Vodafone site, there's only the latest version.

Claes Stahl

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