Ericsson's in this bundle are:

rather beaten up T200 - works though, needs new screen and case

Two Mint a2628s in 2618 fascia's although the original excellent cases are
still available, one in metallic gold, the olther metallic blue, both in my
view need reflashing as the gold one is PIN locked, the blue charges but
willl not turn on by the ON button, these phones are 100% unblemished and
unused. Both have brand new batteries that hold charge for huge amount of
time (in fact I read somewhere that the a2628s held some sort of standby and
talktime record)

Two R320s's - neither will turn on yet both in good appearance, it may be
the batteries are dead, I did buy a battery from someone on eBay that seems
also to be suspect now, excellent phones if all they need is a bit of work.

a1018s Coca Cola Edition - a bit "used" but works OK, a new case and the
phone is overhauled.

And if anyone is interested, theres a working V66e and a Samsung a300 which
needs a new outer screen and fascia replaement, plus a few T191's and a T192


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