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    state officials operating
    * in secret."
    * The so-called War on Drugs, the Congressman continued, "has been
    * perverted too often into a series of frontal attacks on basic
    * American constitutional guarantees --- including due process,
    * the presumption of innocence, and the right to own and enjoy
    * private property."


    * 2 Customs Agents are Facing Charges in Kidnapping Case
    * by David Kocieniewski, The New York Times, 1996
    * Two United States Customs inspectors have been charged with kidnapping
    * and beating someone they suspected was a drug dealer last year while
    * trying to rob him of cash and cocaine, Federal prosecutors said.
    * Three men charged in all put on bullet-proof vests and police badges,
    * according to the complaint, and stopped the victim after identifying
    * themselves as Federal agents. The Federal agents then beat the man,
    * handcuffed him, forced him into their car and drove off, witnesses
    * said.
    * The victim, whom Federa

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    the allies. In return,
    New Zealand gets tightly controlled access to a few parts of the system.

    The GCSB computers, the stations, the headquarter operations and, indeed,
    GCSB itself function almost entirely as components of this integrated system.

    Each station in the network - not just the satellite stations - has Dictionary
    computers that report to the ECHELON system

    United States spy satellites, designed to intercept communications from orbit
    above the earth, are also likely to be connected into the ECHELON system.

    These satellites either move in orbits that criss-cross the earth or, like
    the Intelsats, sit above the Equator in geostationary orbit.

    They have antennae that can scoop up very large quantities of radio
    communications from the areas below.

    A final element of the ECHELON system are facilities that tap directly into
    land-based telecommunications systems, completing a near total coverage of
    the world's communications.

    The microwave networks are made up of chains of microwave towers relaying
    messages from hilltop to hilltop (always within line of sight) across the
    countryside. These networks shunt large quantities of communications across
    a country. Intercepting them gives access to international underseas
    communications (once they surface) and to international communication trunk
    lines across continents.

    They are also an obvious target for large-scale interception of domestic
    communications. Of course, when the microwave route is across one of the
    UKUSA countries' territory it is much easier to arrange interception.

    The ECHELON system has created an awesome spying capacity for the United
    States, allowing it to monitor continuously most of the world's communications.

    It is an important component of its power and influence in the post-Cold War
    world order, and advances in computer processing technology continue to
    increase this capacity.

    The NSA pushed for the creation of this system and has

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