Recently, SonyEricsson posted a free application called "SonyEricsson
Desktop" on the support page for P910i users. Although it states that it is
intended for the P910i, it worked just fine with the P900. However it cannot
be installed on a P800.

This application replaces the mail icon on the applications bar located at
the top of the screen when the flip is open, for a diamond-shape icon that
gives you direct access to the Desktop application. Here's the application
description that appears on SonyEricsson's site:
SonyEricsson Desktop
The SonyEricsson Desktop provides PIM functionality at an easily accessible
position in the user interface. The Desktop positions itself as the base
view in flip open display modes and provides the user with an at-a-glance
summary of their missed calls, messages, appointments and tasks as well as
providing a place for the user to store their favourite shortcuts to
applications, web pages, contacts and documents.

To download it, follow this link:


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