Sony-Ericsson X-GTI CLIP

Supported Phones:
T28, T20, T29, R310, R320, R380, A2618, A2628
T39, T65, T68m, T68i, R520, Z200, T610, T630, Z600
T200, T230, T300, T310, P800, P900, P910, T610 RSA, T630 RSA, Z600 RSA
F500, F500i, K500, K500i, K700, K700i, Z1010, S700, V800

- Supports New RSA Protected Models
- Old Models Also Supported Inc T28 etc..
- Unlocks in 5 Seconds
- Retest User Code to default
- Easy to use
- Portable Clip
- No PC Or Battery Required !!!
- Has A Counter To Count How Many Phones Have Been Unlocked !!!

How To Use:
- Remove Sim Card from phone, and power off the phone before connecting it
to the clip.
- The blue LED will blink one long and one short period of time.
- Wait for blue LED to light a third time for a longer period of time.
- After this you can disconnect your phone and it is unlocked.

Unlock Counter:
If you wait for 15 seconds after an unlock, the clip will display how many
SonyEricsson phones you have unlocked with the clip so far.

How to see the number of phones unlocked
Blue & Red LED = 1
Red LED = 10
Blue LED = 100

For example: Red LED blink once & both LED blink twice = 12 phones unlocked

E-mail (info) : [email protected]

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