From 5th March 2005 to 30th April 2005, Um design gives you Symbian XP
Evolution skin with 2 themes for * FREE! *
After purchasing Diamant Pack 2 – expression (Pack with 256 files in
it – the bigest Pack on the web today), in 24 hours you will receive
XP Evolution file attached in your mail.

Link of Diamant Pack 2 – Expression is here: 'Purchase Diamant Pack 2
– Expression' (

Symbian XP Evolution skin, with 2 themes (in themes are original sounds
of Windows XP) you can see here: 'Symbian XP EVolution'

XP EV skin is *TRUE* skin, every button is for use, taskbar, toolbar
everything is for use. For example, in Toolbar, File, Edit, View...
everything you can open and use. Also, you can minimize folder,
maximize by pressing «window» on taskbar. By pressing desktop icon,
you go to desktop, yet, folder you have using is only minimized.
Skin is also made for full personalization, so you can insert your own
icon in any folder.

More than 2000 people use XP skin as default skin in Tracker, so if
you have tryed other XP skins and you decide to try XP EV skin, you
will see that every inch, every pixel is used.

Symbian Longhorn Evolution is skin that you will use most of all, after
real Longorn will be relased. It is not so big and it doesnt have more
than 200 buttons like XP EV, but it is also very big and very, very
The most useful thing is menu on Toolbar (pop-up menu with clock, date
and every most needed shortcut).

DP2-EX is Pack with 8 Mb, and ofcourse, most interesting files that
you'll found inside are: Coomic book, MMS pictures, 40 .mid songs (most
of it are from movies and TV serials), Jokes in .doc file for your
phone, 10 skins (and at least one theme for every skin) and many, many
other things.

Soon, check our new official site on:

We will have very interesting things there, games with prices and Free
skin every month. Members will have some privilege, too...

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