I've been a disappointed P800 owner for a while now.

I keep breaking the lugs on the flip-pad. The colour on the display has
gone - Everything in monochrome now.

Generally speaking too, I find the P800 just too big to carry everywhere.

I'm thinking of changing to a V800. It seems to do everything I want:-
Bluetooth, Voice Dialling, Sychronisation of Calendar + Contacts.

I found Web browsing on a cellphone slow and expensive, and the PC type
stuff such as Word & Excel pretty poor. I have a separate PDA now for PC
type stuff and wi-fi browsing, which I take with me when I need it. I can
Synch the contact details with that as well, move stuff around with

I'm not really interested in games or the video capabilities either, so what
will I miss going from P800 to a V800?

Kev Lewis.

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