Now I'm desperate.

We bought 10 P910 at the office. 9 out of 10 people get the same
problem with synchronization between the calendar in outlook and the

Try this:
1. Add a meeting in the P910 calendar.
2. Synchronize, the meeting pops up in outlook.
3. Move the time of the meeting in P910 calendar
4. Synchronize again.

The changes is not updated in outlook. Different times in P910 vs
Outlook calendar.

I have version 3.2.0 of the PC suite, I have even tried 3.1.1,
Windows XP, Outlook 2003, SP1. HP NC8000 laptop

I have made sure that all previous Ericsson/SonyEricsson SW is removed
as well as XNTDconnect.

Firewall is blackice. Tried to disable that.

The one were the sync works have never had any previous SonyEricsson
phone connected. Otherwise he has the same HW and SW as we have.

Tried to call support and gone through all the issues above.

HELP! Anyone got any idea?

Considering returning the phones...


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