Dear Group

I am trying use a PC to send an SMS from a CDMA T60c phone. Unfortunately
there does not appear to be an AT Command Set Manual for this phone and the
command to send an SMS, ie. AT+CSSM is not used by most of the other
Ericsson phones. Using Hyperterminal and AT+CSSM=? I get the response


I have no idea what these parameters mean and I do not know whether I
should be trying text or PDU format. I have managed to send SMS messages
from several types of Ericsson GSM phones in PDU format but in these cases
the documentation describing the AT commands is readily available.

I have found several references to the CSSM command, some pointing to IS-136
published by TIA/EIA but have not been able to obtain this document.

Can anyone shed some light on the correct way to use CSSM?



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